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With your Main Hire subscription you now have access to hundreds to thousands of job orders that have been posted by employers directly or by other Main Hire ATS member recruiters that have chosen to partner with recruiters like yourself to contract your help and ability in sourcing qualified candidates. You simply choose a job order that you feel you're qualified to source on and send your profile to the job order account manager. Acceptance and details are worked out between you and the account manager, such as agreement, commissions, fee schedules and terms of a particular job order(s). Candidate resumes, job orders, employers and recruiters involved are all tracked using control numbers. This ensures proper assignment, tracking, and integrity of all entities involved.


Main Hire Subscription plans are very affordable allowing you as a virtual recruiter to be self - employed. To work from your home or anywhere having access to a virtual ATS platform empowering you to create, manage or fulfill job orders, source and track candidates and collaborate with other member recruiters. Unlike other job boards and resume databases that cost hundreds to thousands per month to post jobs or source resumes that only large agency’s or employers can afford, Main Hires plans start at only $19.95 per month. Register and join today and start your virtual career tomorrow.


Included in your subscription you will also have the ability to create and post multiple job orders. You will be able to select which job orders you want to receive help on or not. Fulfillment has never been easier, imagine reaching out to other member Recruiters to help source qualified candidates. You will be a star with your contracted employer. You always remain in control and on point of the candidate submission and interview process with your contracted job order source.


Download recruiting forms and other industry related documents. You will also have access to a growing library of training, marketing and best practice resources.

Unlike other job boards that cost hundreds to thousands per month to post jobs or source candidates, Main Hires plans start at only $19.95 per month!

Register and join today and start posting your jobs tomorrow.


As a Main Hire member recruiter, you will also receive with your subscription access to our growing database of resumes within our system and outside of our platform through Main Hire’s partner sites at no additional cost. You will have the ability to source and keep your candidates resumes in your pipeline for future reference.


Main Hire’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Application provides a user-friendly and powerful candidate tracking system. Now you can search, capture and send resume’s to job order account managers and track your candidates through the entire interview, hiring and onboarding process.

MainHire provides applicant recruiting solution's to Job creation