Looking for the ideal dream job?. Then you found the right place at “Where Our Candidates Stand Out”. At Main Hire, we offer the most powerful candidate tracking system in the industry. When you register, set up your profile and send your résumé it will be seen by hundreds to thousands of member recruiters & employers, who will have access to your qualifications and skill sets. They will then send your résumé to various job orders that fit your talent, skills, and qualifications. So, it’s like having many talent agents shopping you around while you’re doing more important things.

Job Search

In addition, you can search hundreds to thousands of jobs that need your talent, skills, and ability. You simply find the job you want to apply for and send your résumé and or application it then is sent directly to the inbox of the employer or job recruiter, who is managing your resume. Once reviewed, interviews are set up and tracked through Main Hire ATS (Applicant Tracking System)as a candidate you will receive upon registration your own dashboard to upload your resume and profile, track the jobs you have applied for and keep track of the interview process through Main Hires tracking & communications system.

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Specialist Areas


Our industrial division provides recruitment solutions to a vast range of clients including national production and distribution companies.


Main Hire specializes in connecting IT professionals with some of the most dynamic, IT jobs and forward-thinking organizations in the world. We focus on IT recruitment.


Main Hire commercial division has developed a highly successful client partnership formula founded on the "Main Hire promise" being dynamic and having a keen attention to detail.


Main Hire services and face to face relationships are key to understand your business and what works best for you. In every instance, we will offer a meeting to take a full brief.


Main Hire team provide qualified and experienced drivers to support not only long-distance trucking needs but also local deliveries, shunting and loading requirements.


Main Hire provides contract recruitment services for both short and long-term assignments throughout the UK, ensuring the reliability of candidates with thorough reference checking.

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As a strategic partner, we will work together in the development and execution of a unique, end-to-end value proposition for your customers, delivering new opportunities, increasing profitability and closing deals faster

MainHire provides applicant recruiting solution's to Job creation