As employers ourselves we know just how much dead time and financial investment having even a temporary unfilled vacancy can be. We also understand that filling that role quickly with the wrong candidate can cost just as much, if not more. That’s why our specialist recruitment teams go into action as soon as you say the word go. We will arrange meetings to get to know your business, understand your company culture and get a handle on exactly what you need from a new employee.

Superb Networking

A state-of-the-art database with a powerful text search function allows for superb networking.

Skills At Our Fingertips

A pool of applicants on a regularly updated database means we have the best skills at our fingertips.

Strategic Recruitment

Finding specific skills and attracting the best candidates for strategic recruitment advertising.

Become a "Virtual Recruiter" with Main Hire today!

Work from home, search and source from Main Hire's exclusive data base of resumes and thousands of Job orders or Post your own job orders for candidates to see. You will also have the opportunity to choose to share your job orders with other member recruiters and leverage their help. Whether posting job orders or submitting candidate profiles Main Hire will "Make You Stand Out".
Main Hire’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System) provides a user friendly and powerful candidate tracking system. Now you can search, capture and submit resume’s to job order account managers and track your candidates through the entire interview, hiring and onboarding process.
For a small subscription fee you can register today! and start searching for candidates and job orders from Main Hire’s and other member recruiters or create your own job orders on our system and post. Then start receiving applicants, set up interviews, and track the entire process from your own dash board and calendar portal. It’s that easy to “Stand Out” with Main Hire!

Personal Recruitment

We carefully screen and check each candidate to ensure they are exactly what you’re looking for. Our teams conduct their own interviews and checks, brief candidates on your business and instruct them to research your business thoroughly so that they are familiar with what will be expected of them if they should join your company on an interim or permanent basis.

  • Once the candidate is placed we will be in touch at regular intervals.

Specialist Areas


Our industrial division provides recruitment solutions to a vast range of clients including national production and distribution companies.


Main Hire specializes in connecting IT professionals with some of the most dynamic IT Jobs and forward-thinking organizations in the world. We focus on IT recruitment.


Main Hire commercial division has developed a highly successful client partnership formula founded on the "Main Hire promise" being dynamic and having a keen attention to detail.


Members enjoy access to hundreds and thousands of exclusive job orders from Main Hire database of now contracted and sourced employer jobs. You will also have access to member Recruiters who choose to share Job orders and fees. Simply choose a job order to work on, submit qualified candidates and track the entire submission, interview, hiring and onboarding process through your Main Hire ATS dashboard.


Main Hire provides contract recruitment services for both short and long-term assignments throughout the US, ensuring the reliability of candidates with thorough reference checking.

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As a strategic partner, we will work together in the development and execution of a unique, end-to-end value proposition for your customers, delivering new opportunities, increasing profitability and closing deals faster

MainHire provides applicant recruiting solution's to Job creation